(Domain 5)

Got Change?

Change happens in child welfare. The question is, are you and your staff ready and able to cope with it?

Individually or collectively, complete the Readiness for Change Questions found on Worksheet 5f.A2

Respond to the questions broadly, rather than applying them to a specific change. Staff can complete the assessment in a team meeting or other gathering. In a group format, individuals may respond to the questions first on paper and then compare responses by posting their individual responses on a flip chart. This provides a picture of the variety of opinions people might have about change.

The point of this activity is to first become aware of your reaction and others’ reactions to change so that you can plan to address areas where you are resistant to change. As an outcome, you will be able to build your resiliency and openness to change.


To understand an individual’s or team’s readiness for change, to bring awareness to the process, to promote easier adaptation, and to strengthen resiliency.


  • Middle Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Caseworker